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The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Cape Town

Being healthy and green has never tasted so good.

Life for a vegetarian or even a vegan isn’t always easy in South Africa. The nation cherishes the thought of a juicy boerewors or well-aged steak sizzling on a braai and almost all restaurants predominately feature meat and fish dishes on their menu. While there are few eateries in Cape Town that offer more than just salads (if that) for vegetarians, surprisingly, pure vegetarian or vegan restaurants do exist .

Plant-based eating, it seems, is gaining major traction in the Mother City, with a slew of quality vegetarian and vegan eateries popping up faster than you can sprout mung beans.

But, while vegetarian cuisine is relatively easy to come by, restaurants that serve strictly vegan food are not. So in search of the best vegetable-focused restaurants in the Mother City, here are the best spots that cater exclusively for vegetarians and vegans.

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