New Load Shedding Schedule

The new schedules below are designed around the days of the month and reflect Eskom’s decision to implement loadshedding nationally on a regular basis and over weekends. They replace the previous schedules, which were designed around days of the week and were applicable for occasional loadshedding during peak demand times.

Loadshedding stages depend on the extent of the shortage of generation capacity to meet the country’s electricity demand, with stage 1 being the least serious, and stage 3b being the most serious.

Loadshedding outages generally last for about 2,5 hours, with one area being affected at a time during stage 1 and four areas being affected at a time during stage 3b.

Click on image to download and print full pdf. 






  1. For easy lookup of where you are and when load shedding affects the area you’re in, will help – can run on any phone without installation, but you can add it to your home screen on PC, Mac or Linux. Has geolocation, the new schedules as well as live status updates and notifications.


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